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Most riders with Triple Clamp stabilizers installed feel that they make handling more nimble.
Why do the riders feel this?
This time we tried making it possible to imagine the front fork like baseball bats or a human doing pushups.







Triple Clamp Stabilizer


The tire & wheel which weigh around 10 kilograms are fixed in place by front forks, and the triple clamp is what connects these front forks to the frame.
In the image on the left, the clamps of the triple clamp have small diameters and cannot hold them in place firmly, and in the image on the right the clamp diameter is large, increasing the rigidity of the triple clamp.

In the same way that the deltoids on the shoulders are important when applying a load in the case of a person doing pushups, the strength of the triple clamp, which connects to the frame which is in turn held up by the front forks, is essential.




In the case of a motorcycle, the steering and wheels are constantly subject to a twisting force while riding, so wobbling (frame shaking) can result when there is insufficient triple clamp rigidity for the speed range, as well as chattering during cornering.
If the triple clamp does not twist then wobble and chattering will be less likely, but the nature of the structure means that it will twist on the axis of the clamp shaft.
Changing to a commercially available CNC racing shaved triple clamp can decrease the twisting phenomenon, but the underlying nature will not change.
Installing a triple clamp unifies the top and bottom of the triple clamp and makes it highly rigid, enabling a minimization of twisting while riding.





And the control performance limit values will increase in proportion to how aggressively you ride.


You can chose from gold, silver, black, red, and other colors so they are also good as accessories!




. We are pleased to have our customersfcomments.

Hello, I just wanted to give some feedback after installing your OutEx fork braces on my WR250X! I took it out for a full day ride through the Blue Ridge mountains and immediately I could tell a difference especially during cornering. I don't notice the flex in my front end under hard braking in the corners like I could before I installed them. I was surprised that a simple bolt on modification like this would make such a difference. Thanks for a great product and Cheers!  Joshua






Hello Outex,

I just want to say thanks for the Triple Tree Clamp for my Yamaha WR250x. The item arrived at my door only 3 days after ordering (I live in the United States). The product was very easy to install, and looks absolutely fantastic on my bike. I purchased this product to prevent my triple tree from getting twisted in the event of a fall. I took it for a short ride around my town, and noticed that the added stability on the forks made turning the handlebars a lot easier, especially in the harder turns. I am looking forward to testing this out on the track as well as off-road.

Installation - 5 Stars

Shipping - 5 Stars

Customer Service - 5 Stars


Thank you!







Hi, I have received the item and I have installed it on my motorcycle.

This is my feedback:
I have a small windshield on my WR250R, and it's a great windshield: it blocks my helmet buffeting, and gives me clean air flow over the top of my helmet in highway speeds.
BUT the problem: sometimes this windshield is also causing wobbling, and sometimes trembling/shivering of my front end, especially during high speed riding.

So I have purchased this stabilizer from you - in order to minimize those trembling/shivering of the front end during high speed riding (on highways).

The result is very good. I am satisfied with the final outcome.




Testimonial - Excellent Product.

The seller shipped super fast, the parts were well packaged and easy to install. I'm planning to take my WR250X to Alaska and across Canada this year so had installed a small windscreen but at speeds above 90k, there was noticeable front wheel wobble. Installing the stabilizer has almost completely removed it - I think the 17 inch wheels are to blame but the bike's highway speed handling has greatly improved. I highly recommend this product and have attached photos. Thank you.

A very happy customer :)





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Triple Clamp Stabilizer