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Outex Development

– Achieving both “Safer” and “Faster”

Outex is a parts manufacturer offering a dynamic lineup of mufflers and other creative products. Outex’s CEO is experienced in road racing and supermotard, and even today spends time at the circuit to develop parts and to participate in races. The parts released by Outex based on this vast experience and innovative ideas are highly praised in the racing industry. Below we introduce the appeal of Outex and their diverse product lineup.



Making motorcycles faster to reduce risks to riders


Outex continues to develop creative, highly effective parts. The greatest characteristic of Outex development is their pursuit of real-world performance through their aggressive participation in races and their flexible yet ambitious ideas. Good examples of this can be seen in their development of a vertical stabilizer that shifts away from the traditional fork stabilizer to focus on the stem and their vibration absorption lever guard that achieves vibration reduction by transferring vibration to the guard instead of forcefully trying to eliminate vibration.

The secret the company continuously releasing innovative, effective items is founded in the concept of “development that improves the bike itself to enable bikes to run faster while maintaining safety instead of riders unsafely pushing bikes to higher speeds.” This concept itself is founded in CEO Masato Nakashima’s lengthy race experience.

Instead of simply improving on existing items, the company continues to release items that become the new standard by applying new ideas to solve fundamental problems and then validating those resolutions through racing. And by constantly elevating their basic development, they are successful in creating parts lead to results in races as well as safety and enjoyment in  road touring and urban riding.

In their development of mufflers as well, they focus not only on output but on proposing comprehensively high-grade products that also improve noise and the catalytic converter. The appeal of Outex is in their part development that improves the entire bike.



Vast lineup and creative products


Demo bike featuring Outex muffler, stem stabilizer, and vibration absorption lever guards mounted on the Grom, a popular mini-bike. In particular, the stem stabilizer is praised by American Grom owners as “top-notch”. All the parts feature superior styling and that are popular for both their performance and custom style.




Development of this “big rear set foot rest” came about as a result of a strong demand for commercialization after CEO Masato Nakashima mounted the part on his own KTM690SMCR. This tough design resets typical thinking towards the rear set foot rest to focus on hold using the ankle.




CEO Masato riding the KTM690SMCR at Tsukuba Circuit. He holds the course record in the TN1 Class (Single Engine Off-Road Class) and has improved to move his focus to the TC400 Class (On-Road Class / ZXR400 Ninja650 CBR400RR DUCATI696 NSR250R etc.), where he is also achieving top performance. Masato himself being 49 years old, one of his concepts is the focus on creating a bike that older guys can enjoy riding.


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Since its release in 2006, this tubeless kit has spread around the world. Until several years ago, it was considered taboo to use a tubeless design on MW rims but today tubeless types are spreading to a variety of genres and types, including the WM rims for the SR400 and the CRF1000L and F800GS. In fact, the TN1 Class course record set by Masato Nakashima was set using rims featuring a tubeless kit.




This Outex muffler has produced results in races, particularly Supermotard. The muffler features various knowhow that leads to winning in competition, including noise reduction. The muffler also features environmental performance and is mounted with a catalytic converter. The company offers products not only for motard machines but also mini-bikes.




Honeycomb catalytic converter that can be mounted on Outex mufflers. A catalyst coated in rare metals such as platinum and rhodium filters exhaust gases containing carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons, NOx, and other toxic substances. Beyond speed performance, Outex products improve total performance for motorbikes.





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Outex marks its 22nd anniversary in 2017. The company developed a strong following as a muffler manufacturer but today they have evolved to become a total parts manufacturer offering a vast lineup of products.