The content of the kit for DUCATI SCRAMBLER was changed.




Added Nipple covered sealing tape and O ring


The surface of the sand blasted rim for SCRAMBLER is rough.

The rough surface of the rim is troublesome. The double sided tape is not adhered to the rim tightly even though you affix the tape neatly.

So, the instruction says scrape off the surface of the rim affixed the tape.

However, it is not easy to scrape off the surface neatly. Air leaks can occur since the adhesion of the tape is weak when it is not enough to scrape off the surface.

It is difficult to install the kit when the rims like 2.50MT or 3.00 MT are narrow, the surfaces of the rims are rough and the depressions around nipples are deep.

The content of the kit for DUCATI SCRAMBLER is improved so that it is easier to install the kit and you can install the kit surely.


The belief process is as follows;


Grind the heads of the nipples with belt sander and so on.




Set the rim on the balancer. Scrape off the rough surface while rotating the rim with the drill.

Fix the shaft tightly so that the rim cannot fall down.

We wish if you could have lathe fitting the rim of 17 inch.




Scrape off the surface of the both sides affixed the tape neatly. 




Cut O ring in thirds. Put them on the deep depressions like the above picture.. Put nipple tapes with fiver (diameter 13 pi) on the nipples.




Put Nipple covered sealing tapes on the nipple tapes so that the nipple covered sealing tapes can cover the depressions.




Affix the tape to the rim. After that, it is the same as the usual process.




Put the protective sheet on the double sided tape.

At this time, it looks thick by the thickness of the nipple covered sealing tapes. However, the double sided tape is adhered to the rim completely since the nipple covered sealing tapes are pushed to the depressions by internal pressure after setting the tire.




ͺThe image of the rim after taking off the tire

You donft need to be sensitive to scrapping off the surface of the rim when installing the kit in this new way.

But finish installing the kit neatly and carefully.

Now, the nipple covered sealing tape and O ring are attached on only the kit for DUCATI SCRAMBLER. However, we sell the set of Nipple covered sealing tape and O ring as an option. We want you to try it when you feel worried about installing the kit.






Nipple covered sealing tape 40 pieces and O ring set / Part Number: NCS20-40 / US $20