Puncture defense kit FAQ


Q: 1 Is installation easy?

A: 1 No special technique is required so long as the installation manual is well read and followed.



Q: 2 What preparation required on the inner side where the Heat resisting black double sided adhesive tape should be laid.

A: 2 Basically, apply Silicon-off with wiping rag. Depending on the tire manufacturer, the surface of the inner tire may need to be scrubbed evenly with stainless scourer and Silicon-off in order to secure the installation of the Heat resisting black double sided adhesive tape.



Q: 3 Should the sharp object be pulled off?

A: 3 If the objective seems easy to be pulled off, please do so with plier. Small amount of air will leak, but the air pressure from the tire will push the white tape to seal the damaged area.



Q: 4 Up to what size of sharp objective can be stuck on a treated tire?

A: 4 We have confirmed no air leakage after we stuck/pulled 8mm diameter driver on/off the tire.



Q: 5 How about the durability?

A: 5 Test result shows the adhesiveness of the material remained even after the circuit run under excess heat from the sun in the Mid-Summer.

We purposely reduced the adhesiveness of the material as a part of the test, and sticked a gimlet, but air leak did not happen.



Q: 6 Leave it as it is even after punctured? Will the liquid to seal the hole be solid?

A: 6 If the air does not leak, it is not a puncture. So, leave it as it is. The material is not in a liquid form, but is an adhesive tape. Thus, it will not be solid inside or outside of the tire.



Q: 7 Will the kit influence the handling of the bike?

A: 7 No. Unlike other liquid type puncture proof products, PDK is very light and stable to the tire inner surface, and very flexible, we found no negative influence to the handling of the bike. (confirmed by the professional rider on the circuit test run.)


Q: 8 Any problem if sharp object sticks on the place where puncture defense sheet overlaps at the both end of the sheet?

A: 8 According to the test, sticking a gimlet on the place did not result in any air leak.